What the candidate believes

From the console of James Carmody:

"Good day, neighbors —

Our community has many good things, like our parks, scenery, and business — to make the town of Carmel even better, I’d like to add on energy, spaces, and services

What do I mean by “energy”? Why, I mean attracting “green,” renewable energy farms to our Town!

We have untapped, sustainable energy potential in Carmel. Many fields are vacant, waiting only for a builder to construct some solar panels or wind turbines to begin generating energy.

As a town councilperson, I will make turning our community Climate Smart my top priority.

Being Climate Smart in our state means we’re serious about countering climate change, and seeking it will let us receive many new grants of aid from New York.

More than just clean energy, going Climate Smart could get us state aid to improve our water treatment plants.

It would be my pleasure to certify us for climate action!

Next, when I say “spaces,” I mean public, community spaces. When I grew up here, I always wished I could go more places than the library or churches without needing to spend cash -- and I'm not the only kid who thought so.

So being on the Town Board of Carmel, I’d be glad to open some of our Town's spaces to the public.

Our plazas, for instance, have vacant spaces which go unused, or out-of-business soon after rental.

I think it'd be wiser for the Town to run a Community Center out of a vacant store lot, especially in the Hamlet.

On the town Board, I’d champion more public space in Carmel.

Finally, I say “services” to mean a partnership between the Town and local social services for providing permanent, year round assistance to our people.

I hope to propose a homeless shelter sanctuary, property tax relief, and rental help.

To be your public servant, I will listen to every neighbor and be honest on our needs,.

That means recognizing the uncounted homeless residents we have in Carmel, and getting them shelter -- knowing the tax burden we bear, and getting relief -- and providing a guarantee to housing with living subsidies for any one unable to make ends meet.

And to accomplish it, I expect to work with CoveCare Center, Habitat for Humanity, community churches, temples, and our own Town Departments to staff service workers thruout the Town.

With a service partnership in Carmel, the resources from the entire county of Putnam, state of New York, and federal Union shall finally be put to use for every friend, family, and neighbor who suffer from a temporary lack of home, or an unbearable Town property tax, or an unaffordable dwelling, or other pain.

And as your councilperson, I won’t be limited to this platform. Your concerns are my concerns — I will always listen to your thoughts on how to improve Carmel, and I will value your worries or ideas to make a better community.

As always in a Plague, I want you to be healthy, safe, and well. Please wear your masks, keep your distance, and wash your hands regularly.

Thank you for your time — have a great day!"