Let's elect a new voice to the Town Board

James Carmody has lived in Carmel for 17 years.

He's been an active member of the community, who takes frequent journeys throughout the Hamlet.

During his life, James has proudly graduated from Carmel Central Schools.

His time in Special Education changed his life -- once recognized as having the sensory difficulties of Autism, he received an empowering education that has bolstered his abilities to excellent levels:

In 2013 and later years he gardened at the St James Church with its groundskeeper, George Knoechel ;

From the summer of 2015 to '16 he served in the Eagle Eye Thrift Store in neighboring Brewster, under the loving leadership of the late Edith Moura Hyatt ;

At Carmel High School, he spearheaded a volunteer recycling effort from 2015-17 ;

for three years he was a cashier at the Carmel McDonald's ;

he's earned two certificates from the Office of Water Programs of California State University, by its Home Study courses ;

and as of last year, he's been a consistent worker at the Gilead Food Pantry & a helper with United Way's CoViD food distribution--

in all this work, James has longed for a sense of community in Carmel.

Now, running in this year's Town Board race, he aims to realize Carmel's community.

He believes in Climate Action -- resolving our Town to be Climate Smart which shall let us earn grants from the state for our water, energy, and structural needs.

He believes in Refunding our Town -- setting our budget transparently, with public oversight and input, and relining what funds are wasteful to more useful services.

and He believes in Public Spaces -- bringing a community center to our Town plaza, a shuttle for easy park access, and open opportunities for our residents to be involved in community events.

Most of all, He believes in You!

James will hear from any and every resident of Carmel, so please let him know what you would love for our Town!

Contact him with a concern, or simply to hold a conversation.

Finally, if You believe in Him, do consider a donation.

Any money you donate will be used exclusively for campaign work in the 2021 cycle.

James thanks you for your time.

He hopes we can refine our Town to be its best!

Together, everything is possible.

New Event:

A hike with Candidate Carmody

See you there!